We design and/or specify expansion joints for new and existing piping systems. Expansion joints are used to increase system flexibility when piping loops are not an option. Expansion joints are also used on rotating equipment and vessel nozzles to prevent piping from overloading them.

.: Newly Designed Piping Systems
.: Existing Piping Systems with Insufficient Flexibility
.: Overloaded Nozzles on Rotating Equipment
.: Overloaded Nozzles on Vessels, Tanks, or Heat Exchangers

There are numerous expansion joint styles, designs, and material choices available. Correctly designed and specified expansion joints generally outlast the piping system they are installed in. Unfortunately, misapplication of expansion joints has led to many piping system failures that were avoidable. These failures have caused many people to avoid expansion joints when they are truly needed.

Expansion joints can be made of elastomers, fabric, and metals. They can be single convolution or multi-convolution, single bellow or multiple bellows, restrained or unrestrained, pinned, hinged, or gimble design. We specify or design, bellows materials, number of bellows, individual bellows stiffness, expansion joint restraints (tie-rods, pins, hinges, gimbles, etc), movements, and rotations.